Bahasa Inggris Part 1

Task 1

Read the following questions and then find the answer based on the conversation that followed!
1. How many people are involved in the dialogue?
2. What is Luke’s sister’s name?
3. Who is Charlie?
4. How old is Emily? What is about Charlie?
5. Where is Luke’s mother?
Luke : “Excuse me, are you Daniel Cresson?
Daniel : “Yes, I am.
Luke : “Hi! I’m Luke, Luke Freeman. Welcome to Britain!”
Daniel : “Thanks. It’s great to be here. Nice to see you.”
Luke : “Nice to see you too. Oh…this is my sister.”
Emily : “Hello. My name’s Emily.”
Daniel : “Hi, Emily!”
Luke : “And this is my little brother. He’s only six.”
Daniel : ”Hello. What’s your name?”
Charlie : “Charlie. I’m not little! How old are you?”
Daniel : ” I am fifteen, good boy!”
Luke : “Come on! Let’s go and meet Mum. She’s in the car.”
(Adapted from Snapshot: Starter Student Book, 1997: 8)

Task 2

Find a partner, and then read the dialogue above!

Task 3

Comprehend the questions below and then find the answers based on the text that followed!
1. What is his/her name?
2. Is s/he a male/female?
3. Where does s/he go to university/school?
4. How old is s/he?
5. What is his/her hobby?
6. Where is s/he originally from?
7. What is his/her ambition?
8. Who is his/her favorite film star?
9. What is his/her favorite film?

My name’s Richard Ferraro. I am male. I am a student from Wellington University New Zealand. Originally I am from Sydney. I’m 20. I love swimming and reading. In the future I want to be a doctor. I like Jacky Chan – he’s my favorite film star. My favorite film is Rush Hours .

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