Inside a Computer

The main part of a computer to handle the process is CPU. It stands for Central Processing Unit. In this place all the process goes on. If we have a deeper look inside this CPU we can see many kind of devices attached to this CPU. On the right is the box of CPU. There are many devices inside the CPU. Some of them are :

a. Motherboard

This is a printed circuit board (PCB) which all card or module is attached. Motherboard is also called with main board, baseboard, system board, or planar board.
In Apple computer, it is called logic board.

b. Processor

Processor is a hardware (sometimes software) system to handle operations upon data. For the first time, processor is only a vacuum tube. Then it undergoes an evolution becomes transistor, until it reaches the form of processor as we can see recently.

In personal computers the central processing unit resides in a single chip called a microprocessor. When someone refers to the speed of a computer, the reference is to the CPU and is measured in megahertz (MHz). But today the speed of a processor has reached gigahertz (GHz). Remember the Moore’s Law about the speed of computer.

There are many companies produces processor. The main one is Intel. And there are also AMD and IBM. Below is a processor seen from the bottom.

c. Memory (RAM)

In order to handle the computation, especially to access to the most frequent accessed data, a computer needs a memory. In this case is RAM (Random Access Memory). The characteristics of RAM is volatile, meaning that the data that is stored in memory only available while the computer is turn on. That’s why you have to save your work before the computer is turn off.

It is a different case with ROM, which stands for Read Only Memory. ROM is non-volatile, meaning that the data is still in ROM even there is no electricity. Below are some pictures of computer memory.

d. Sound card

Sound card is also known as audio card. It converts audio signals from a microphone, audio tape, or some other sources to digital signals, which can be stored as a computer audio file. Sound cards also convert computer audio files to electrical signals, which you can play through a speaker or a headphone. The microphone and the speakers or the headphones connect to the sound card.

e. VGA card

VGA stands for Video Graphic Array. This is a device to handle signal displayed onto monitor.

f. Internal Modem

Modem stands for modulator and demudalator. The function is to connect a computer to the Internet. Modem will transfer a digital signal from a computer into analog signal. This process is called modulation. There is reverse process in the opposite computer, the receiver. In this computer, the receiver, the analog signal is received and then converted into digital signal. This process is known as demodulation. That’s why a modem does two processes.

Modem is classified into two kinds. Internal modem which is placed inside the CPU, called internal modem.

56kbps Conexant Internal modem is identified by the chip where the company creates. Conexant means the chip is produced by Conexant.

The data transfer from a modem into the internet or from the Internet into a modem is called the speed of a modem. And it is measured by kbps, means ‘kilo bit per second’.

The other kind of modem is external modem which is placed outside the CPU. Look at the picture on the right.
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