Software and Programming Language

A set of computer consists of metal, plastic, and other physical devices which is called hardware. This hardware is no use without software. Software is a term to describe a set of computer programs that perform a collection of tasks. Software is also a series of instructions for the computer that performs a particular task.

Software is created by a process called programming or computer programming. This process can also be called by coding which is a process of writing, testing, debugging, and maintain a source code of computer programs.

In programming process, a programmer (a person who writes computer program) must write all code in a text editor with no error at all. He has to write from first line until last line of code. All of the code from first line until last line is called source code. This is the actual form of computer instructions which give a computer an instruction of what to do.

After that, a programmer must compile the source code. A tool to compile is a compiler. This process is called compilation, that is transforming a source code into binary file like executable file. Mostly, a programmer will face error during compilation and the source code cannot be transformed into binary file. So a programmer will look for the error and fix it.

This action is called debugging, that is finding and fixing error code in all of the source code. A tool for debugging is called debugger. The action of compilation and debugging will repeat and repeat, again and again until there is no error at all in the source code.

If we resume the above process would be like this:
a. Step one: Writing a code
b. Step two: Compilation
c. Step three: Debugging
d. Step four: The result is binary file

For the first time in computer programming, text editor, compiler, and debugger, are separated one another. But in advanced era of computer programming, those tools are integrated. So a programmer will be more comfortable and easier in creating a program.

Below are a picture of Borland Delphi 7, an integrated tool for programming.
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